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Irresistible Menu Inspired by the Finest Family Traditions

Sarno’s Restaurant invites you to a gastronomical feast for the eyes and the soul. Lose yourself in one of our mouthwatering meals as you recharge and invigorate the senses. Whether its breakfast at noon or you’re hankering for a slice of our world famous pizza, join the Sarno family for one of the finest meals in Cicero, Illinois.

We know the importance of having a good breakfast—studies show that people who eat breakfast have a stronger start to their day. That’s why we’ve created a collection of signature omelets and delight-your-senses pancakes to give your day that extra zip. Don’t forget to ask for a cup of Cicero’s favorite coffee!

Around lunchtime, when you start losing steam, swing by Sarno’s for one of our soup and sandwich combinations or indulge in our pasta of the day. All meals are made fresh daily—you’ll never have to worry about getting day old bread! Won’t happen at Sarno’s! Grandpa Ray Sarno would never hear of it and we won’t let him down!

In a hurry? No problem! Our take out and delivery service will ensure that you get your meal quickly but with the same quality and freshness you receive when you dine with us.

Explore our menu and ask questions. We love our food and love to talk about it to make it extra special for you each time! Special orders are always exciting for us —we’ve created some of the best new menu items from customer requests! Call Sarno’s Restaurant today at 708-656-0797.


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